Diary of a Tall Woman

Imagine yourself in a tall woman’s shoes. Or perhaps you’re already there and don’t need to imagine anything. Think of all the typical struggles or situations a tall woman faces in her life. Let us set the scene…

The tall woman in our story wakes up alone in her bed that’s just a little bit too short for her frame, which can be a pain during cold weather. After her morning shower and beauty regimen, she stands in front of her closet, contemplating what to wear to her office job. Many of her dresses are not an option; on her shorter friends, they’d certainly be a length appropriate for work, but on her, they look like mini dresses. She selects her favorite short-sleeved blouse and ankle-length pants. With both of these choices, she doesn’t need to think about how pants and sleeves are never long enough for her limbs.

On the way to work, she decides to stop in her favorite coffee shop for a drink. While waiting in line, she notices other patrons double-take or even openly stares at her height. One well-meaning older woman behind her even asks her if she plays basketball. She’s used to this question, and she shakes her head with a polite smile for the older woman. For some reason, the older woman looks slightly disappointed.

The cute (but short) barista she has a crush on calls her name for her order. When she takes her drink from him, they lock eyes, but he gives her a polite smile and quickly turns away. “Oh, well,” she thinks and takes a seat by the window. She finds that the chair and table are much too small to be comfortable for her legs. Shrugging, she gets up to leave and decides to head on to work early instead.

Does this diary of a tall woman sound familiar to you, ladies? We tall women face unique struggles every day. The world isn’t made for our height: desks, counters, chairs, showerheads, and beds are too low to the ground or too short. Though it shouldn’t be a problem, navigating the dating world can be difficult when you’re always the taller person in a relationship. And we inevitably get sports-related questions from strangers at least a few times in our lives, which is such an odd experience. Do short women get asked if they’re gymnasts or jockeys? Of course not. 

One of the most frustrating experiences we constantly face? Finding clothes that fit. Most stores don’t sell clothing that will fit the proportions of taller women, which means that we usually end up compromising when we buy an article of clothing. This blouse is slightly too short in the torso, but at least the sleeves are long enough. These pants are slightly too baggy in the hips and thighs, but at least the inseam is long enough. This dress is just too short, but maybe there’s a similar pattern and style in a maxi dress. 

Despite these struggles, we know a lot of women love their height. They feel confident, strong, and beautiful. That’s why TallMoi wants to make the shopping experience better for tall women. Our pieces are designed with the proportions of a taller frame in mind. You’re more likely to find a TallMoi piece that fits you perfectly, meaning you no longer have to compromise when shopping at other stores. Your clothes should match your attitude, and they should make you feel as beautiful as you know you are.