Overcoming Tall Clothes Shopping Woes

Shopping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. The abundance of choice is often paralyzing and can make it difficult to stick to a budget when you have a lot of great options. However, it’s usually women who fall within the “average” size range that have this kind of shopping experience. 

For the tall women out there, shopping is not always fun or easy. To the ladies blessed with statuesque legs, tall frames, long torsos, or above-average height, shopping may simply be a game of luck.

Average sizing for American women

Although the fashion industry seems to love tall models who are at least 5’10, they’re usually also a size 2 or 4: considered “sample sizes” in the industry. What about women who are model tall but don’t fit that sample size? What if they’re curvier or plus size?  

The average height of a 20-year-old American woman is just under 5’4, according to the 2016 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report. And while sizing varies by women’s clothing brands, making it harder to pick the same size across companies, most clothing stores cater to this average height. Women of average height and size will most likely have an easier time finding ready-to-wear clothing that will fit them.

What does clothing shopping mean for the tall women out there? Blouses and tops typically come up short on her wrists, or they’re not long enough in the torso overall. Pants and dresses are too short to look appropriate or lay comfortably on her legs. Unfortunately, it makes sense when you think about how most clothing is tailored to fit women much shorter than she is. You may not consider 5’8 to be “tall,” but that’s tall enough to be left out of the average sizes in many clothing brands. 

The TallMoi difference

Because we’ve experienced the frustration of shopping ourselves, we want things to be better. TallMoi is making it happen. Our pieces tackle the challenges of tall women’s clothing. Not only do we offer pieces that fit tall women, but we make tall women look good. You can expect your pieces from TallMoi to fit well and flatter your body. We pay special attention to sleeve length, pant inseam length, skirt or dress length, and much more.

It’s not just about length. We know that the entire design of a piece should be adjusted for the best fit. For example, a pair of pants with an extra inch or two on the inseam won’t look as good as a pair of pants with altered knee positioning, rise, and yoke, too. A dress with a longer overall length can technically work for a tall woman, but a dress with specific bust placement, sleeve length, and adjusted natural waist will make her look stunning.

TallMoi founder Bukola Bankole is 5’11, so you know that TallMoi’s pieces are designed by tall women with tall women in mind. Our high-quality workwear and casual pieces make shopping fun for tall women again. Remember, ladies: tall is beautiful. Your clothes should be, too.

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