Tips for Becoming a Tall Fashionista

Tall women are so often told what NOT to wear. Avoid capris, because they’ll make you look short. Wear flats to play down your height. Don’t wear miniskirts; only shorter women can pull those off. Wear neutral colors and minimalist outfits to blend in with the crowd. 

While some of those fashion tips can be helpful, we want to turn being tall into the positive attribute that it is! Want to make the most of your long and beautiful frame? Below are our styling tips for how to dress well as a tall woman.

Figure out your proportions

First off, just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you have the same proportions as every other tall woman out there. You may have longer than average legs that give you your height, or maybe you have a longer torso. Perhaps your shoulders are wider than your hips, or vice versa. 

Figure out your measurements and decide what you want to highlight about your body, and what you’d rather not draw attention to (if any.) Everyone’s body type is different, and everyone has unique style preferences. Play around with different styles to figure out what you like and what you don’t. That’s what fashion is for.

Rock a pair of beautiful shoes

What do people do immediately after they notice your height? They quickly glance down to see if you’re wearing heels, don’t they? Take advantage of that habit and wear a pair of beautiful shoes that you love. Whether they’re a pair of strappy sandals, cool sneakers, sleek flats, or sky-high stilettos, they’ll get the attention they deserve.

Find pants and tops that are long enough

This is a simple tip that should be applied to all of your clothes: workwear, casual looks, special occasion outfits. Make sure the inseam on your pants and the sleeves of your shirts are long enough. 

Your long-sleeved tops should hit the bone at your wrist; any shorter and they’ll look, well, short. If you love wearing wide-legged pants, check that they’re long enough when you’re wearing either heels or flats. They shouldn’t be dragging on the floor, but they shouldn’t end above your ankles. Prefer skinny jeans? They should end a little past your ankle. Remember that if you keep them on the longer side, you can always cuff them, which helps when you pair them with different styles of shoes.


Embrace accessories that make a statement

Unlike your short or average height friends, oversized accessories won’t overpower your frame. Embrace those bigger purses, jewelry pieces, scarves and belts that make a statement! 

Again, this goes back to figuring out what you want to highlight about yourself. Love your long and beautiful neck? Show it off with an eye-catching pair of dangling earrings or a big statement necklace. Want to play up your narrow waist? Cinch a billowing top or dress with a wide belt. Need a bag that can do some heavy lifting? Grab that luxe, extra-large tote to stash your all your stuff. Like to stay warm and cozy when it’s cold out? Wrap yourself in a long and chunky knit scarf.

Take advantage of maxi dresses and jumpsuits

Just like oversized statement accessories, clothes like maxi dresses and jumpsuits were practically made for you. A sleek black jumpsuit with statement jewelry and pumps will look incredible on your tall frame. A breezy maxi or midi dress with a pair of flats or sandals looks effortless and cool, especially during the spring and summer.

Remember to try on your clothing! Even though these silhouettes look great on many tall women, they still have to fit your unique body proportions. And of course, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable in your outfit, too.

Own your height

Remember when we said to wear a pair of beautiful shoes that you love? Don’t be afraid to put on a pair of heels! You’re already tall, and wearing flats won’t minimize that. If heels make you feel confident and sexy, wear them and forget about what everyone else might think. If you love monochromatic outfits that make you look even taller and longer, rock that style. Own your height and flaunt what you have.

Shop tall brands

A brand that caters specifically to tall women like TallMoi makes shopping stress-free and fun again. We know what it’s like to be a tall woman in this world. That’s why every one of our pieces is designed with your long and beautiful frame in mind. TallMoi’s pieces help you dress well. After all, you deserve to look good!

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